What is a Basin Study?


Under the Bureau of Reclamation's WaterSMART Program, Basin Studies are collaborative studies, cost-shared with non-Federal partners, to evaluate water supply and demand and help ensure reliable water supplies by identifying strategies to address imbalances in water supply and demand.


Each study includes four key elements:

  • Development of state-of-the-art projections of future supply and demand by river basin

  • Analysis of how the basin’s existing water and power operations and infrastructure will perform in the face of changing water realities

  • Development of strategies to meet current and future water demands

  • Trade-off analysis of strategies



The Rio Grande Basin Study is a collaborative effort amongst stakeholders in the Basin. Click here to learn more about the participants

Study Area


The Rio Grande Basin Study covers the Rio Grande Basin from Lobatos Gage to Elephant Butte Dam and includes the San Juan Basins that make up the San Juan - Chama Project. 



The Upper Rio Grande Water Operations Model (URGWOM) will be used to preform the technical aspects of this study. Click here to learn more about URGWOM and our Modeling Team.