Modeling Team

With oversite by the Steering Committee, a Modeling Team will be established to perform modeling simulations to support the Basin Study. The primary modeling tool that will be used is URGWOM.

The Modeling Team will be comprised of technical experts from Reclamation and any other Basin Study Partners with existing familiarity and working knowledge of URGWOM.


The Modeling Team will set up and perform simulations using URGWOM according to the assumptions selected by the Technical Committee for each adaptation.

URGWOM/RiverWare model files will also be available for review by the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis to ensure transparency and confidence in the modeling efforts. The Modeling Team will provide visualizations (graphics) for the decision support tool under the direction and input from the Steering Committee on an as-needed basis. Software tools such as RiverWise may be used for this data visualization, but these uses will be determined by the Modeling Team and Steering Committee throughout the Study process


The Modeling Team will extend the URGWOM model geographic domain to Elephant Butte Dam and will model the operation of the Elephant Butte Reservoir as necessary to simulate adaptation strategies’ ability to deliver water through the study area.


If Basin Study Partners bring other models to the study, those Partners will also provide modelers familiar with those models to the Modeling Team. These additional models will be evaluated and agreed upon by the Modeling Team, relevant Technical Committees, and the Steering Committee for veracity and scientific integrity before use. If approved, the Modeling Team will determine how to integrate these other models with URGWOM in order to perform simulations of the baselines and the adaptation strategies. All models will be reviewed by the Technical Sufficiency Reviewers.


The Modeling Team will determine their own schedule for meeting as the timing will likely need to fluctuate throughout the Study. It is expected that this Team will meet very frequently and that participation on this Team will be a somewhat demanding task.

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