Sectoral Committees

Sectoral Committees are groups that are organized around specific sectors and interests (e.g., agricultural, Tribal, water users, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, grassroots community organizations). All Sectoral Committees should be formed and defined within the first six months of the Basin Study schedule.

All non-Federal Partners will participate in and contribute to at least one Sectoral Committee and may be involved with multiple Sectoral Committees, if applicable.

Non-Federal Partners will self-select into Sectoral Committees. Reclamation will not be a member of any Sectoral Committee. The Sectoral Committees will be self-organizing and will determine their own leadership structure.

Participants will delineate these sectors themselves, with suggestions by Reclamation. If participants feel that there are additional Sectoral Committees needed to capture specific voices in the Basin, they should propose this to the Steering Committee and form their own group.


All Sectoral Committees should be formed and defined within the first six months of the Basin Study schedule. After this six-month period, if a previously unidentified Sector would like to form a group, they can still approach the Steering Committee to form however, they may have missed key deadlines for Sectoral Committee deliverables at that point.

The Sectoral Committees will be responsible for:

  1. Articulating a baseline of the current status of and future vision for the Basin Study Area, as it relates to the interests and authorities of each respective Sector.

  2. Developing detailed adaptation strategies to be considered for further modeling.

  3. Reviewing the Steering Committee’s decision-making and the Technical Committees’ analyses to ensure that the interests and authorities of each respective Sector are adequately addressed.

Reviews will primarily be conducted via the Sectoral Committee Representatives to the Steering Committee. Sectoral Committees are expected to communicate amongst themselves and their Steering Committee Representative on issues and concerns. Sectoral Committees will be encouraged to select a representative to attend other Sectoral Committee meetings to understand and convey diverse viewpoints.

The Sectoral Committee Representatives are then expected to relay these sentiments to the rest of the Steering Committee and vice versa.

Each Sectoral Committee may determine its own meeting frequency but is encouraged to meet monthly since Representatives will pass information from their individual Representatives from the Steering Committee, and Sectoral Committees should be kept up to date. Each Sectoral Committee should meet quarterly at a minimum.

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