Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will be composed of Co-Chairs and Sectoral Committee Representatives.

A representative from Reclama

tion and each of the Co-Lead Partners will serve as Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee for the duration of the Basin Study. Individual representatives of these entities may change during the course of the Basin Study, at the discretion of the agency they represent.

Co-Chairs are expected to attend every Steering Committee meeting or designate an alternative to attend in their place.

To ensure that all voices are heard, each Sectoral Committee will select a member entity to provide a Sectoral Committee Representative to the Steering Committee.

The member entities providing Sectoral Committee Representatives must be signatories to the MOA and may rotate on an annual basis. These Sectoral Committee Representatives will serve as the primary link between the Steering Committee and their respective Sectoral Committee. Since participants can join the Study at any time, the number of Sectoral Committees is not explicit in this Plan of Study (see Section 2.2.2.). Therefore, the number of Representatives on the Steering Committee does not need to be constrained to those listed in this document.

The Steering Committee will be responsible for any decisions that need to be made about the Basin Study and the assignment of tasks, deliverables, and any other work being done towards the completion of the Basin Study. The Steering Committee’s oversight responsibilities include identifying or prioritizing Basin Study components, creating and overseeing Technical Committees as deemed necessary to complete the Basin Study, and approving Basin Study documents and report components.


At a minimum, the Steering Committee will provide each Technical Committee that it creates with:

  • An objective

  • The expected deliverable(s)

  • Measurements of success

  • A timeframe for completion of the requested analysis

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