Technical Committee

The Technical Committees are centered around ideas and bridge the Modeling Team and the Steering Committee. Technical Committees will be created by the Steering Committee. These Technical Committees will analyze proposed adaptation strategies and will provide necessary information (e.g., define modeling extensions, assumptions, and integration) to the Modeling Team to allow modeling of the adaptation strategies. Technical Committees can also be created by the Steering Committee as needed for evaluation of other technical topics, such as the Trade-off Analysis Tool and Communications and Outreach.

The Technical Committees will include technical experts from Basin Study Partners and contractors to Basin Study Partners, if applicable. These committees will be self-organized. Participants will self-select into these Committees and the Steering Committee will appoint appropriate experts (within and outside of the basin) in the relevant field as necessary. It is the responsibility of each individual Technical Committee to ensure that they are conducting appropriate outreach to key stakeholders with diversity to participate in the committee.

Technical Committees will be responsible for analyses of proposed adaptation strategies, and, if appropriate, the development of model simulation needs for evaluation of those adaptation strategies, which will be provided to the Modeling Team. Technical Committees may also be responsible for analysis of other technical topics, as determined by the Steering Committee.

Basin Study Partners are encouraged, but not required, to participate, or designate contractors to participate on their behalf, in Technical Committees.

Each Technical Committee will determine the most appropriate way to complete the deliverables and report out to the Steering Committee within the required timeframe.

Each individual Technical Committee will self-determine their meeting frequency on an as-needed basis.

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